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The Shenzhen team was selected in this year's CBA Draft


The 2020-2021 season CBA league will open this Saturday. Due to the pre-season game, the Shenzhen Marco Polo team went to the competition area early last weekend. "Because of the epidemic, I haven't played a lot of official games recently, so I want to go there soon and let everyone warm up and adapt to the feeling of the game."

2020-2021赛季CBA联赛将于本周六开幕。由于季前赛,深圳马可波罗队在上周末早些时候去了比赛区。 “由于这种流行病,我最近没有参加很多官方比赛,所以我想尽快去那里,让大家热身并适应比赛的感觉。”

In fact, Qiu Biao's preparation time was very short from temporarily taking over the coach at the end of last season's rematch, to leading a new lineup team. The navigator, who seemed to be a down-to-earth player in his era, said in an exclusive interview with Narada reporters that he would not shout big slogans for his first official coaching season: "What we want to see is a game. One step forward."


Last season was not a memorable season for the Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team. They finally ranked 13th and missed the playoffs. In view of the fact that the team also reached the semi-finals the year before, such a result is difficult to satisfy. As a result, the lineup of the Navigator has also undergone major changes in the past two months. The two national players Li Muhao and Yu Dehao have transferred to each other.


But it is a change, in fact, most of the new team members are old acquaintances to Qiu Biao. "Because many of them were from our New Century Youth Team. They came back this season. They are actually very familiar with our style system." Qiu Biao said.

但这是一个变化,实际上,大多数新团队成员都是邱彪的老熟人。 “因为其中许多人来自我们的New Century Youth Team。他们本赛季回来了。他们实际上对我们的风格系统非常熟悉。”邱彪说。

Indeed, among the eight new players on the Shenzhen team’s registration list, Guo Xiaopeng, Li Borun, Chang Yasong, Liu Chunqing and Hou Xingyu are all from the Shenzhen youth team. To be precise, there are only three new members: Merdan, Yu Liang and Meng Xiang, the former two are veterans who have played for CBA for many years.

的确,在深圳队注册名单上的八名新球员中,郭小鹏,李伯润,张亚松,刘春清和侯星宇都来自深圳青年队。确切地说,只有三个新成员:Merdan,余亮和Meng Xiang,前两个是为CBA效力多年的退伍军人。

"At the beginning, everyone will be a little unfamiliar with the running-in, and slowly adjust through time. Fortunately, some players are also veterans and will integrate faster. So in general, our lineup is not that new. Many of our teams Those who went out of the youth training team have no problem coming back now. They are very united and very good.” Qiu Biao said, “Everyone is looking forward to the new season. Many players don’t have many chances to play in the previous team and hope to pass the next game. To show yourself, so cherish the opportunity to play. I believe they will be very hard on the court."


Line-up running-in may not be a big problem, but like many other teams, the Shenzhen team encountered a problem in preparing for the new season. The offseason was too short and the newly signed foreign aid could not be in place on time. According to the Southern Metropolis reporter, the Shenzhen team has already signed two foreign players. However, due to visas and epidemic prevention, it is impossible for the two foreign players to catch up with the first game of the new season on Saturday, so the team is also doing a good job. Preparation for the pre-competition of the National Chinese Class. As a team whose overall strength is not a strong team, the absence of foreign aid will definitely affect the record, especially when you have to play against some foreign aid teams, you will suffer a lot, but Qiu Biao and the Shenzhen team are well prepared to meet the difficulties. ready.


"Our foreign aid procedures have not been completed, but this season is special, many teams have encountered this problem, so we can only prepare for the all-China team to play, wait for them to come and then run in, let them participate as soon as possible." Qiu Biao said, “I don’t think we should think too much about these difficulties in our minds. After all, the problems will always exist. The first thing to do is to correct our own position. There are also more young people in the team. , Starting from the style of catching, improving through every game, this is what I and the whole club want to see."

“我们的外援程序尚未完成,但是这个赛季很特殊,很多球队都遇到了这个问题,所以我们只能为全中国队做准备,等待他们来参加比赛,让他们参加尽早。”邱标说:“我认为我们不应该对这些困难深思熟虑。毕竟,问题将始终存在。要做的第一件事是纠正我们自己的位置。团队中还有更多年轻人。 ,从接球风格开始,在每场比赛中不断进步,这就是我和整个俱乐部希望看到的。”

In the past, before the new season, the Shenzhen team would hold a swearing ceremony, and like most other teams, making the playoffs a team goal. However, this year the team was extremely low-key. They spent the summer working hard at the base of Tsinghua Ju in Dongguan. When talking about the new season, Qiu Biao never mentioned any specific goals. “It’s meaningless to shout some slogans now,” Qiu Biao said. “Our goal is definitely to hope that everyone will improve and that the game will be better than last year. To do this, it is better to be down-to-earth than to shout slogans. Unite and work hard one step at a time. If everyone can improve, the team's performance will naturally improve."

过去,在新赛季之前,深圳队会像其他大多数队一样举行誓言仪式,使季后赛成为球队的进球。但是,今年的团队非常低调。他们整个暑假都在东莞清华基地工作。在谈论新赛季时,邱标从未提及任何具体目标。邱标说:“现在喊一些口号是没有意亚博首页网址义的。” “我们的目标绝对是希望每个人都能有所进步,并且游戏会比去年更好。为此,脚踏实地胜于喊口号。一次团结起来,努力工作。如果每个人都能进步,团队的绩效自然就会提高。”

In an interview with a reporter from Nandu, Qiu Biao was relatively low-key almost the whole time. He only smiled a little when he mentioned a player, that is, the team's No. 7 pick in this year’s draft and guard Meng from Huaqiao University. Xiang. Qiu Biao said frankly that he is very optimistic about the future of this rookie.


"He is the first player in the history of our team to come in through the draft. I also talked to him privately. His characteristics are obvious. The three-pointer is outstanding." Qiu Biao said. In fact, before this year’s draft, the Shenzhen team didn’t expect to choose Meng Xiang, because as a youth team that has always been well-reserved, plus the league performance in the past 4 years, the Shenzhen team used to be in the draft. They all chose to abstain, and this year they got the 7th pick in the first round of the draft. Seeing that Meng Xiang hadn't been selected at the time, they decisively recruited the man in college basketball.


As the main defender of Huaqiao University, Meng Xiang led the former "Nine Champions" twice in his five-year CUBA career to the top eight in the country, helping Huaqiao University, which was at a low point, to return to a popular list. He also ranked first in CUBA history. Retired as 8 people. After coming to the Shenzhen team, Meng Xiang, in a physical test conducted not long ago, scored 19 of 25 three-pointers in a two-minute intensity shooting test, winning the first place in the team.

作为华侨大学的主要辩护人,孟祥在他的CUBA五年职业生涯中两次带领前“九项冠军”进入全国前八名,帮助处于低谷的华侨大学重返人气榜。 。他还在CUBA历史上排名第一。退休8人。来到深圳队后,孟祥在不久前进行的身体测试中,在2分钟的强度射击测试中拿下25个三分球中的19个,获得了该队的第一名。

But this time in Zhuji, the Shenzhen team will not take the rookie there in advance. "He was still playing college league not long ago. He didn't go through too much systematic training, and now he has a little injury, but it won't have much impact." Qiu Biao said, "We will let him strengthen training and improve his body. Strength, adapt to the professional team confrontation. I believe that he will definitely help us in the future. I have confidence in him and I personally like him very much."

但是这次在诸暨,深圳队不会提前带菜鸟。 “他不久前仍在参加大学联赛。他没有经过太多的系统训练,现在他受了些伤,但是影响不大。”邱标说:“我们将让他加强训练,改善身体。力量,适应专业团队的对抗。我相信他将来一定会帮助我们。我对他充满信心,我个人非常喜欢他。 ”

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