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Beijing time


2020 is the fifth year that the Spartan Warriors has entered China. Since entering China in 2016, after five years of development, the Spartan Warriors has cultivated a large number of people who have the courage to challenge their limits and accept physical training. Spiritually baptized warriors are also sought after by fashion sports and trend culture lovers. The bloody and exciting obstacle challenges of the Spartan Warriors, the cool and fashionable interactive experience of the arena, and the spiritual connotation of breakthrough and enterprising allow each participating warrior to continuously tap their potential and discover a better self. It is not only necessary for the Warriors to design a game strategy based on the road map before the game, but also to test the Warriors' ability to respond to on-site situations that may occur at any time. The Spartan Warriors is not just a simple road run, but a combination of brainpower and courage. This is the charm of the Spartan Warriors.


The Spartan Warriors Beijing Race consists of three levels: Adult Race, Super Race and Children's Race. The adult track includes 28 obstacles (10.2km) for super races and 23 obstacles (6.3km) for races. The children's competition group is divided into 4-6 years old, 7-9 years old, and 11-14 years old according to age, including 12 obstacles (2.2km), 18 obstacles (3.2km), and 24 obstacles (4km). In 2020, a new obstacle-Mercury's scepter, appeared on the track again after Chongli Station, which added a lot of difficulty to the warriors who passed through the barrier.

北京斯巴达勇士比赛分为三个级别:成人比赛,超级比赛和儿童比赛。成人赛道包括28条障碍赛(10.2公里)(用于超级比赛)和23条障碍赛(6.3公里)。儿童比赛组按年龄分为4-6岁,7-9岁和11-14岁,包括12个障碍物(2.2公里),18个障碍物(3.2公里)和24个障碍物(4公里) 。 2020年,在崇礼站之后,新的障碍物-水星的权杖再次出现在赛道上,这给穿越障碍的战士们增加了很多难度。

Beijing Yanqing Expo Park is located adjacent to the Badaling Great Wall. The Guishui River winds through the park. The criss-crossed buildings and beautiful scenery in the park also give the warriors something beyond the game. welfare. The Spartan event integrates horticulture and life, and it is hoped that humanity and ecology will be integrated into the competition, and the cultural landscape and natural scenery will complement each other.

北京延庆博览公园位于八达岭长城附近。 Gui水河蜿蜒穿过公园。纵横交错的建筑和公园美丽的风景也给勇士们带来了超越游戏的乐趣。福利。 Spartan赛事将园艺与生活融为一体,希望将人类与生态融为一体,文化景观与自然风光将互补。

After starting a short distance of 1.5km, the warriors passed through the Expo China Pavilion, which looked like an ancient palace from the outside. The biggest highlight of the World Garden Park circuit is the wooden plank road on the riverside of Guishui River and Yongning Pavilion. The latter connects four passages respectively, of which the two passages "Feng Tiao" and "Yu Shun", hope that the life of the warriors will be smooth. The meaning of frank and frank. It is worth mentioning that this super race will focus on obstacles between 7 kilometers and 10 kilometers. Such a special design is intended to allow the warriors to fully appreciate the beautiful scenery and then start to conquer with all their strength to maximize the physical and mental double experience.


"This time the Spartan race track made me feel bright. This time we not only have to run on the mountains and plains, but also need to shuttle through the building complex, and the dense obstacle area is connected with the scenic Guishui River wooden plank road. The beautiful scenery of autumn in Beijing accompanies all the way, and all the exhaustion is gone." Yu Cheng, who has been following the Spartan race since 2016, said, "The first wave of obstacles is a test of upper limbs and core strength, and the next is' 'Wet body' test, this operation is too cool. Every time Spartan gives me a brand new experience, even though the individual obstacles are the same, each time it is recombined and combined with the road and scenery of the site, the experience is very different. ".


What is different from the past is that the little warriors of the elite group of the children's competition usher in a special way of fighting, and the Spartan children's elite plan is fully implemented. This time there is not only a competition among elite little warriors, but also an increase in competition among schools.


The Spartan Children’s Elite Program is a competition between schools. Therefore, it is necessary for the little warriors to fill in the school they are attending. This time we are not only fighting for ourselves, but also for the honor of our school. The event is specially arranged


The beautiful Expo Park in autumn has also become a good place for the little warriors to have fun. Although the cold of late autumn brought greater challenges to the children, almost every child did not choose to back down, especially in the "Hercules Challenge" that needed to be launched into the water. The children did not hesitate and the parents were trying their best to encourage Children should not escape difficulties. "Although it is very cold today, we still encourage the little guy to bravely accept the challenge. He will know that no road is always smooth and no environment is always comfortable." Liu Chenxi's mother said, although in the cold water In the pit, the little guy looked a little helpless and uncomfortable, "I almost cried, but when she mustered up the courage to pass this obstacle in the mud, I felt her joy and growth."

秋天美丽的世博公园也成为小战士们玩乐的好地方。尽管深秋的寒冷给孩子们带来了更大的挑战,但几乎每个孩子都没有选择退缩,尤其是在需要向水里发起的“大力士挑战赛”中。孩子们毫不犹豫,父母正在尽最大努力鼓励孩子们不应该摆脱困难。 “尽管今天天气很冷,我们仍然鼓励小家伙勇敢地接受挑战。他将知道,没有道路总是平坦的,没有环境总是舒适的。”刘晨曦的母亲说,尽管在坑里的冷水中,小家伙看上去有些无奈和不舒服,“我几乎哭了,但是当她鼓起勇气通过泥泞中的这个障碍时,我感到她的喜悦和成长。 。”

The remaining race information of the 2020 Spartan Warriors has been announced: November 7 Ningbo Station (Racing Race, Children's Race), November 14 Xiamen Station (Racing Race, Super Race, Children's Race), November 14 Shanghai Station (children's competition) click on the link to participate in registration: http://spartan.zhibo.tv. For more information about the event, please visit the official website of Spartan Race China: www.spartanrace.cn, or follow the SpartanRace/SpartanKidsRace official account (SpartanRace/SpartanKidsRace) and Weibo (@SpartanRace).

宣布了2020年斯巴达勇士的其余比赛信息:11月7日宁波站(赛车比赛,儿童比赛),11月14日厦门站(赛车比赛,超级比赛,儿童比赛),11月14日上海站(儿童比赛)click参与注册的链接:http://spartan.zhibo.tv。有关赛事的更多信息,请访问Spartan Race China的官方网站:www.spartanrace.cn,或关注SpartanRace / SpartanKidsRace官方帐户(SpartanRace / SpartanKidsRace)和微博(@SpartanRace)。

The Spartan Warriors Tournament originated in 2005. It absorbed the traditional military subjects of the ancient Spartans. Today, the Spartan Warriors Tournament holds more than 200 events in more than 30 countries around the world each year, attracting more than 10 million participants. . From 2016 to 2019, the Spartan Warriors Tournament held a total of 62 games in China, attracting nearly 300,000 people in total, and more than 1.5 billion online and offline spectators. They are trendy men who love sports and fitness. Female, is also a young group fascinated by outdoor entertainment. The central government regards the famous mouth Sha Tong, the gymnastics Olympic champion Chen Yibing, the famous Taiwanese artist Xu Jie'er, the famous mainland actor Tao Hui, the famous actor Mike Sui, the famous artist Yuan Shanshan, Wu Lei, Wang Deshun, Zhao Yihuan, Li Ruoning and others have also participated in the challenge of the Spartan Warriors. In 2020, the Spartan Warriors Tournament has held a total of 4 events in Beijing (August 21-23), Beijing (October 03 & October 05-08) and Hangzhou (October 17).

Spartan Warriors Tournament起源于2005年。它吸收了古代Spartans的传统军事题材。今天,斯巴达勇士锦标赛每年在全球30多个国家/地区举行200多个赛事,吸引了超过1000万名参与者。 。从2016年到2019年,“斯巴达勇士锦标赛”在中国总共举办了62场比赛,总共吸引了近30万人,在线和离线观众超过15亿。他们是热爱运动和健身的新潮男人。女,也是一个年轻的团体,着迷于户外娱乐。中央政府看待著名的口沙塘,体操奥林匹克冠军陈一兵,台湾著名画家徐洁儿,大陆著名演员陶慧,著名演员隋瑞,著名画家亚博网站网址链接袁珊珊,吴磊,王德顺,赵义焕,李若宁等人也参加了斯巴达勇士的挑战。 2020年,斯巴达勇士锦标赛在北京(8月21-23日),北京(10月03日和10月5-08日)和杭州(10月17日)共举行了4场比赛。

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