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   When I first met Wang Xinying, he had a five-star red flag printed on his chest. The Chinese national team members often rush to the forefront of professional competitions. The tall and unstoppable childishness represented China and won the bronze medal in the Incheon Asian Games.


   Goodbye to Wang Xinying, he is already the third Chinese player to win the NCAA National Championship in the United States.


   Wang Xinying was born in a family with a strong golf atmosphere in 1999. The whole family likes golf, and grandpa loves it especially. Wang Xin picked up the cue under the influence of her eyes. At the age of 8, my grandfather's friend and former Korean professional golfer An Qihuan became Wang Xinying's enlightenment coach. Three or four years of patient and strict professors laid a good foundation for her future golf road.

王新英1999年出生于一个高尔夫氛围浓厚的家庭。全家人都喜欢高尔夫,爷爷尤其喜欢。王欣在她的眼睛的影响下得到了提示。 8岁那年,我祖父的朋友和前韩国职业高尔夫球手安其焕成为王新英的启蒙教练。三到四年的耐心和严格的教授为她未来的高尔夫之路打下了良好的基础。

   Just three months of practice, Wang Xinying participated in the first golf tournament: the China CITIC Bank Youth Tournament. Guan Ruqing and Sui Xiang, who were already well-known in the youth tournament in the same group, were in the same group. With excitement and a good idea to be in the forefront, Wang Xinying only hit the second to last, "cry for a long time." Wang Xinying recalled.


  The golf competition career started like this, and the frustration of the first competition did not stop Wang Xinying's golf path. From the top three of HSBC youth and CITIC youth to the national youth competition champion.


   Until the age of 12, Wang Xinying, Zhang Weiwei, Shi Yuting, and Ji Rong joined the newly formed China National Golf Team. During this period, Wang Xinying, who was attending junior high school, was often absent from school because of training and competition. This made Wang's parents think about her future. Should she give up her studies because of golf? The final answer is no. They set goals for Wang Xinying. Golf can continue, but learning cannot be given up. The idea of ​​going to the United States to play AJGA and then go to college was gradually included in the plan by Wang Xinying's parents.


   The High School Association gave great support to Wang Xinying's growth. In July 2014, the China Higher Education Association recommended her to represent the national training team to participate in the 2014 British R&A Youth Open. This is a world-class high-level competition. Male and female players participate together, and the top five in the event can be awarded. In the United States AJGA level one full card, and Wang Xinying finally won the women's runner-up in this event, ranking fourth in the overall good result!

中学协会大力支持王新英的成长。 2014年7月,中国高等教育协会推荐她代表国家培训队参加2014年英国R&A青年公开赛。这是世界级的高水平比赛。男性和女性球员一起参加比赛,该赛事的前五名将被授予。在美国AJGA一级全卡赛中,王新英最终在这项赛事中获得了女子亚军,在整体好成绩中排名第四!

   In September 2014, Wang Xinying, Shi Yuting and Ye Ziqi represented China at the Incheon Asian Games in South Korea and eventually won the group bronze medal. After the Asian Games, Shi Yuting and Ye Ziqi chose to switch careers. After Wang Xinying participated in the Reignwood LPGA China Classic in October of the same year, he went to the United States to start the "demonstration upgrade" where studies and golf coexist.

2014年9月,王新英,史玉婷和叶子琦代表中国参加了韩国仁川亚运会,并最终获得了团体铜牌。亚运会后,史玉婷和叶紫琦选择了转行。王新英同年10月参加了Reignwood LPGA中国经典赛后,他去了美国,开始了“示范升级”活动,学习和高尔夫并存。

When Wang Xinying was just enrolled in a public high school in California, besides busy schoolwork, Wang Xinying also took into account his training and prepared for AJGA. In the first year of the competition, he won the second place in 4 consecutive games. At the end of 2015, Wang Xinying ranked No. Twenty-three. In 2016, in the second year of AJGA, Wang Xinying won the Zeng Yanni Invitational in addition to several championships. At the end of the year, he was ranked in the top ten in the American Youth Rankings and was selected as the All-American All-Star Team First Team.

当王欣颖刚入读加利福尼亚州的一所公立中学时,除了忙碌的功课,王欣颖还考虑了他的训练并为AJGA做准备。在比赛的第一年,他连续4场比赛赢得了第二名。 2015年底,王新英名列第二十三位。 2016年,在AJGA的第二年,王欣颖不仅获得了多个冠军,还赢得了曾彦妮邀请赛。到年底,他在“美国青年”排名中名列前十,并入选“全美全明星队第一阵容”。

   In terms of academics, he joined the class in October 2014 and entered the 10th grade of American high school. At the end of 2016, Wang Xinying completed all the high school subjects and graduated early. "In high school, normal students have classes at 8 o’clock in the morning, but my school has morning classes for special circumstances or for students who want to add classes. So I start class at 7 o’clock every day, so that I can be early in the afternoon. Go home after class in hours, try to practice more in the afternoon, and then go home to do your homework until dark. High school has nothing to do, there is no colorful life, just go to class, play ball, and do homework." Tyrants are the result of a little effort.

在学术方面,他于2014年10月加入班级,并进入美国高中10年级。 2016年底,王新英完成了所有高中课程,并提早毕业。 “在高中,普通学生早上8点上课,但是我学校为特殊情况或想增加班级的学生提供早上课。因此,我每天7点开始上课,这样我可以是凌晨,几个小时的课后回家,下午尝试更多的练习,然后回家做作业直到天黑。高中无事可做,没有丰富多彩的生活,只是去上课,打球和做作业。”暴君是一点点努力的结果。

With the dual blessing of AJGA's outstanding record and excellent academic performance, especially the champion halo of the Zeng Yanni Invitational, Wang Xinying received the olive branch of many universities, including Stanford, Northwestern University, Berkeley University, UCLA, etc., and also contacted Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Preston University, including the Ivy League, among many prestigious universities, Wang Xinying chose Duke University.


"Because I have always dreamed of playing professional golf, considering the balance of academics and training, I did not try to choose those Ivy League universities at first. Instead, I finally chose Duke University, except that she has always had the strongest female golf school team. In addition to the top amateur golfers, Duke’s head coach used his utmost sincerity to win a rare early admission quota and a very generous scholarship for me, which made me feel that I and the Duke school team are each other. needs."

“由于我一直梦想打职业高尔夫,考虑到学者和训练的平衡,所以我一开始并没有尝试选择那些常春藤大学。相反,我最终选择了杜克大学,只是她一直拥有最强的女子高尔夫。除了顶级的业余高尔夫球手之外,杜克大学的总教练还以最大的诚意为我赢得了罕见的提前录取配额和非常丰厚的奖学金,这使我感到我和杜克大学的球队是彼此的需要。 ”

   In January 2017, Wang Xin welcomed the admission to Duke and joined the head coach Dan Brooks. "Young and frivolous" Wang Xinying chose two majors at the same time after entering university: public policy and psychology. "At that time, this decision was very headstrong, and I wanted to challenge my limits." Wang Xinying said, "The first one is what I like, and the second one is for golf."

2017年1月,王欣欢迎他加入杜克大学并加入了主教练丹·布鲁克斯。王兴英“年轻而轻浮”进入大学后,同时选择了两个专业:公共政策和心理学。 “当时,这个决定非常任性,我想挑战自己的极限。”王新英说:“第一个是我喜欢的,第二个是高尔夫。”

  The result of challenging the limit is that every semester after the freshman year is taking professional courses. Even so, the standard 4 courses per semester can no longer keep up with Wang Xinying's rhythm. In the first semester of her junior year, she took 5.5 professional courses, and the selection of courses was like a prize draw. During the epidemic this year, Wang Xinying, who returned home, got up at 5:30 every day to attend classes on the school website. In this way, she completed all the courses of the two majors in three and a half years.


   In terms of golf, Wang Xinying has not fallen behind. She completes regular training for the school team every day, and follows the school team to complete the college sports league games as planned every semester. In May 2019, Wang Xinying won the seventh NCAA championship trophy in history by winning the Duke University women's team in the NCAA tournament.

在高尔夫方面,王新英并没有落后。她每天为学校团队完成常规培训,并跟随学校团队按照每个学期的计划完成大学体育联赛。 2019年5月,王新英通过在NCAA锦标赛中赢得杜克大学女队而获得历史上第七座NCAA冠军奖杯。

   With this title and two degree certificates from Duke University, Xueba graduated early. This is also the result of professional golfer Wang Xinying, who turned professional a week before the opening of the women's China Tour this year.


From October 16th to 17th, the Sina Cup Professional Amateur Match Play held by Sina Golf and the Women’s China Tour will be held in Beijing Evergrande Ligong Sports Park. Wang Xinying, as the deputy captain, will be responsible for leading the women’s team and men’s professional partners. There is no shortage of amateur team members such as Yijing Cao, a Yale student who has just entered a prestigious university, Li Jieni from Northwestern University, and Jingfan Deng from the University of Washington. I believe that Wang Xinying's rich school team experience will lead them to dedicate a wonderful domestic "NCAA" for the fans.

10月16日至17日,由新浪高尔夫和女子中国巡回赛举办的新浪杯职业业余比洞赛将在北京恒大力功体育公园举行。副队长王新英将负责领导女子团体和男子职业伙伴。不乏业余团队成亚博首页网址员,例如刚入读著名大学的耶鲁大学的学生Yiyi Cao,来自西北大学的Li Jieni和来自华盛顿大学的Dengfan Deng。相信王新英学校队的丰富经验将带领他们为球迷奉献精彩的国内“ NCAA”。



   Picture source: Women's Central Tour, provided by Wang Xinying


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