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Many people may not be able to figure out which is the more magical formation between the Italian national Derby and Surrey without an audience.


Today, when the epidemic is getting more and more serious, the empty field is the best result that can continue Serie A. Especially this year, the two teams have become a strong contender for the championship together. Before the national German game, they were ranked second and third in the league. If they really want to stop and look back, this may be a championship battle.


It's only a pity that Ronaldo met his first opponent in the 1,000th career milestone. In addition to his teammates and opponents who can witness this fateful plot, only Luo's three-year-old dear air fan is left.


The more amazing thing is still waiting for you in the game, that is, every starting choice Sarri makes people complain about, it actually makes sense to kick.


Let's break each other one by one.


Pjanic has been a vital metronome in the Juventus backcourt in the past few years, but it is easy to become the opponent's onslaught in every important game.


——His defense can only squat, facing the tiger wolf opponents basically using fouls to fight for their lives. Not to mention lateral defense and interception and sweeping, it would be nice not to let teammates protect him in the strong dialogue.


——His backcourt combing is very stable, the only thing is turning around and pushing that. But this stability must be built on a low-intensity basis. Once there is a physical problem or a tough targeted beating, the organization that was originally good at either makes mistakes or goes invisible.


Such a metronome, if it is aspiring to the Champions League, it is difficult to become the foundation of the team. Why not change it? Because the better ones on the market can't afford, the ones that can afford are not as good as Pjanic.


Therefore, from Allegri to Surrey, even if you start from the traffic police, you have to change tricks to practice Bentankul. Until this time in the use of soldiers, I finally felt a sense of training.


In the first half of the season, Inter Milan hardly changed, a set of Conte's favorite 352 hit the world. There are two outstanding advantages. One is the long pass from the backcourt. The masterpiece is that Lukaku competes for the top in the middle circle, Lautaro sweeps the robbery spot, and then Hem Ha second turns into a tiger down the mountain in a thunderous situation. The second is the frontcourt. The masterpiece is the single defensive midfielder B Luo, who is the core of the organization, will kill the opponent's arc top goal without any movement, and plan an attack on the spot.

在本赛季的上半年,国际米兰几乎没有改变,一套孔戴最喜欢的352系列登上了世界。有两个突出的优点。一是后场的长传。杰作是卢卡库(Lukaku)争夺中圈的头把交椅,劳塔罗(Lautaro)抢劫抢劫点,然后在下雨的情况下,下哈姆(Hem Ha)第二次变成老虎。第二个是前场。杰作是该组织的核心,是单个防守型中场球员B Luo,他将毫不动摇地杀死对手的弧顶球,并计划当场进攻。

In this game, the stronger Bentakur was standing in the center circle with the header, and the more beating-resistant Bentankur was the one who made the ball at the top of the arc. If Pjanic was still in the bleak state of the previous games, I couldn't even think about the consequences...


Therefore, this has successfully limited Inter Milan's advantageous projects to a certain extent.


Dybala obviously has the strongest ball-holding ability in the team, but throughout the season he played very tired under the focus of the opponent.


Why are you tired? Because the midfielder did not run without the ball to respond to short passes, and did not intervene to open the defense. Switching from defense to offense cannot be pushed up, and can only play laps in the rear, which leads to a very single offensive line.


Step1: First pass the ball to the right, relying on Dybala's solo ability after Dybala's retreat to make a big siege, otherwise, we can only count on Quadrado's high turnover rate of xjbt to create miracles.


Step2: Then pass the ball to the weak side to find Cristiano Ronaldo, the sea, land and air shooting shoot booming.

第二步:然后将球传给软弱的​​一面,找到罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)。

Step3: There is no Step3 at all.


But in this game, on the right is a rushing Quadrado with a more rushing dog, plus Ramsey who has finally returned to the right midfielder standard from the midfielder. Although the mistakes of Spicy Eyes are still like ghosts, at least there is more running and interspersed. On the right, Dybala is no longer a small body carrying explosive bags, but with some team cooperation. .

但是在这场比赛中,右边是冲锋的Quadrado和更奔腾的狗,再加上Ramsey,后者最终从中场恢复到正确的中场标准。尽管“麻辣眼”的错误仍然像幽灵一样,但至少还有更多的奔放和穿插。在右侧,Dybala不再是一个装有爆炸袋的小尸体,而是与一些团队合作。 。

Adding the above two points, although the overall excitement of the game is as dull as the stands, Juventus played the intensity and rhythm of a modern football in the first half.


What, do you say that this rhythm is worth blowing, and it can’t be compared to the previous Manchester Derby? Yes, if neutral fans watch a Juventus game occasionally, they will think what the team or even this Serie A is playing. But if you follow Juventus’ previous games, you’ll find that the walking pass before, oh no, no running is at best a wool pass, the rhythm is really slow to the horror.


From simplicity to luxury, Juventus fans are now so easily satisfied.


In the second half, the score made Juventus fans more satisfied.


At the opening stage, Juventus reclaimed the defensive formation and gave up possession to the opponent. At the same time, Inter Milan pushed forward more than ten meters, forming a siege for a period of time.


But one of their serious shortcomings this season is that the battle of positions is far less sharp than the counterattack, and they can only hope for miracles vigorously.


In this game Inter Milan has 13 shots, 9 feet are outside the penalty area. With the exception of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has unlimited firepower, Juventus's 8 shots are all within the penalty area.


Ronaldo plays like this because he has this kind of capital and deserves this kind of status, but the Inter Milan team is like this and it is more of a kind of helplessness.


After drawing the snake out of the hole, Juventus successfully seized the opportunity to counterattack and broke the deadlock with an extremely rare left attack.


For this goal, many people have noticed that Ronaldo jumped very sharply, turning the broken stop into an assist. But before that, Sandro sent a straight pass, Matuidi's ribs penetrated to the end and an inverted triangle came out. Ramsey just appeared in his most familiar position. This whole process is the end of Juventus fans' youth.


This is the legendary rib coordination! This is Ramsey's fatal advance! This is a collective attack that is as smooth as silk without any stumbling and jamming! ! !

这是传说中的肋骨协调!这是Ramsey的致命进展!这是一种集体攻击,就像丝绸一样光滑,没有任何绊脚石和卡纸! ! !

After the score was rewritten, both sides made substitution adjustments at the same time.


Conte replaced Eriksson with Varela, who could not come back and passed the ball repeatedly. However, since the Danes joined, Conte tried 352, 3412, 433, and 4312 and failed to find the instructions for this high-end product. He kept retreating to get the ball, away from the frontcourt where he was best at sending a deadly pass. Although he runs aggressively, his style of avoiding confrontation can hardly share the defensive pressure of Ashley Young behind him.

孔戴(Conte)用瓦雷拉(Varela)替换了埃里克森,后者无法复出并反复传球。但是,自从丹麦人加入以来,孔戴尝试了352、3412、433和4312,但找不到该高端产品的说明。他不断退缩以将球传到远离他最擅长发送致命传球的前场。尽管他积极进取,但他避免对抗的风格几乎无法分担Ashley Young在他身后的防守压力。

Sarri replaced Dybala for Costa, who hadn't played much in the past six months and was running out of fuel. Then, Bentancur, who played extremely well in this game, sent a precise long pass that Juventus fans hadn't seen for a long time. Dybala stopped the ball and passed Professor Yang, who had been consumed by the "strongest on the surface" combination for a long time. Then he played a two-pass N with Ramsey, used a climactic spike shot to pass the same opponent twice, and broke Handa's goal.

萨里(Sarri)用迪巴拉(Dybala)代替科斯塔(Costa),科斯塔在过去六个月中没有出场很多,并且已经用光了。然后,在这场比赛中表现出色的本坦库尔(Bentancur)送出了精确的长传,尤文图斯的球迷已经很长时间没有见到过。 Dybala停住了球,经过了很久以来一直被“表面上最强”组合消耗的杨教授。然后,他与拉姆齐(Ramsey)进行了两遍N的比赛,使用高潮的高射球两次通过了同一名对手,并打破了汉达的进球。

Looks handsome, plays well, Dybala, the bench.


Since then, the two sides have changed. Inter Milan successively sent Gallardini and Sanchez to constantly change their formations, but the whole team did not have the spirit to fight back, and it was almost as if they had accepted the result of the loss. In addition to Juve's own strength to pull down the team's De Silio, everyone else played in a stable situation relaxed and comfortable, free and happy.


As a result, the game ended successfully with a score of 2-0 in the harmony that best fits the current situation. (Heavy fog)

结果,这场比赛以最适合当前情况的和声以2-0的比分成功结束。 (浓雾)

After winning this victory and returning to the top of the list, the season double-killing the enemy as a bottom line, amidst the screams of killing both online and offline at home and abroad, the time left for Surrey suddenly changed a little.


However, even if the empty-field version of the national derby really kicked out the "double-speed training game" that Sarri called, I still have reservations about his passing and controlling football.


Passing control is a very difficult gameplay. It requires not only a coach with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but also a group of artists who use the stadium as a canvas. High-end players such as Guardiola, go to Bayern Manchester City to carry out a luxurious decoration of the lineup. Microkrypton players, such as Sarri, spent more than a year in Naples to polish and form. Chelsea did not make a Plan B throughout the season.

传递控制权是非常困难的游戏。它不仅需要强迫症教练,还需要一群将体育场用作画布的艺术家。瓜迪奥拉(Guardiola)等高端球员前往拜仁曼城(Bayern Manchester City)进行阵容的豪华装饰。诸如Sarri之类的微k玩家在那不勒斯度过了一年多的时间进行抛光和成型。切尔西整个赛季都没有制定B计划。

As for Juventus... there is no ground for transmission and control at all, only a group of old fighters with little oil left. And their ambition is that this club has been thinking about the top of Europe for more than two decades.


Before this game, the veterans got a respite in the long season, so that they can run without sore waist, back pain, and leg cramps. Sarri's tactical arrangement from the start to the substitution was completely unreliable. The offense finally accelerated and the rhythm was finally smooth, but the home court only had a 50% possession rate and a back-and-forth telescopic round trip-definitely not pass control.


Not to blame Sarri, but Juventus neither has a player suitable for pass control, nor can he give him time to speak slowly.


Therefore, if he still insists on being a believer in transmission and control, then I still hope that he can change to a richer or younger lineup. The scourge, ah, is for the benefit.


But if he abandons his obsession and really creates the fascinating and fast pass of Arsenal for Juventus, I would be happy to be slapped in the face.


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