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Miners coach Luis Castro summarized the victory over the Olympics, Kovalenko’s start, the absence of Stepanenko and Solomon, and the issues that need improvement in all aspects -Actually you didn't give Kovalenko a place in the starting lineup this season, but today he is one of the best players. It's not even a question of scoring, but a question of speed and getting the ball into the penalty area. Why did Victor play so little in the most recent games? -I have always trusted Victor Kovalenko. He played a lot last season. He is a very valuable player, he can ensure that the midfielder has good vitality. We have just gone through the transition period from last season to this season. We have no holidays or training camps. We have had several games in a week. We deployed other players as an offensive midfielder. Tyson hit number 10, and today we pulled him aside. Kovalenko appeared in his position. We know that this player gives us more balance in midfield. He may not have the ability to win in the final third of the area like Tyson, but these players have completely different attributes and abilities that complement each other. I am very satisfied with his performance in competition and training. Kovalenko played many times last season and I think he can continue to maintain the same form. When a player scores and performs well, people start to value him. I also appreciate his performance today. To -It seems that Tyson obviously lacks the motivation to continue participating in the Uzbek Super League. How will you solve this problem? -This is not a problem. Tyson is a very disciplined and motivated player. He is very focused and strict in training and competition. He always strives to achieve good results for the miners. From his attitude towards work and interaction with his teammates, I can feel all this. I have full confidence in Tyson, just like every player in our team. To -The Champions League group stage is about to begin. What areas need to be improved continuously? -In fact, every aspect needs to be improved. In reality, there is never a perfect team. Everyone is working hard to move towards the ideal. This is our profession. For the team, maintaining a focused defense and enough offensive creativity are our hallmarks. Our coaches and players are almost the same as last season, with no major changes. Last season, we achieved the best UEFA club ranking ever (12th), entered the semi-finals of the Europa League, and set a record of 23 points difference from the second place in the Ukrainian league. This shows The level and ability of all our players. At least, we hope to maintain the same level as last season, and even do better than last season. To -You changed into the first substitute player after 2:0 in the 76th minute. Don't you want to make adjustments during the intermission? Do you have any criticism of this lineup after the first half? -I really believe in our team and everything we try to do. The competition is never a trifle. We have always been very dedicated to the competition. No one is qualified to hinder our daily work. I understand that it is difficult for reporters and coaches to analyze the game without seeing the training process. But those who follow our daily work know what we are doing and the consistency the team showed in preparing for this week's game. In any case, our coach should not complain about our failure to win the first two games. Today’s game shows that you need to trust the team and have consistency. Substitution early means lack of confidence in the team and brings some instability. We did a good job in the first half; unfortunately, we did not succeed in converting some opportunities. We also did very well in the second half. We know that sooner or later there will be a goal. I know that football has some specific patterns: if you win-ask for a better defender, if you lose-ask for a better forward, if there is no ideal result-the substitute hopes to be better used. However, in the game, everything is not always so obvious. We need to do more in-depth analysis. We and those who work for football players every day must understand what needs to be done. I know that after two draws, this will be a very delicate game and I need to adjust the lineup very carefully. I know that I can give the team more confidence by placing substitute players, but it will also make them lose confidence. This is a question that I have always cared about in the game. I want to give them as much consistency as possible. I have a great team on the court. In addition to two players, this team is the backbone of many Champions League games. I know that in the course of the game we will find a way to score goals, this is the fact. I really, really believe in my players. I have already said that no league decides the title in the first round like some people think, and we still have a long way to go. I am sure, you can count on the miners: we will fight to the last second and we will work very hard. -Are you satisfied with the partnership between Moras and Fernando? Do you think the striker needs to be strengthened? -Together with the club management, I decided to continue using our existing players. Currently we have three number ten players-Fernando, Moras and Dentinho. These players work very hard and we believe in them. To -Where are Solomon and Stepanenko? -Stepanenko was injured. Solomon was not able to play on religious holidays today.

矿工教练路易斯·卡斯特罗(Luis Castro)总结了奥运会的胜利,科瓦连科的开始,斯蒂芬年科和所罗门的缺席以及在各个方面都需要改进的问题 -实际上,您在本赛季的首发阵容中没有给科瓦连科一个位置,但是今天他是最出色的球员之一。这甚至不是得分的问题,而是速度和将球带入罚球区的问题。为什么Victor在最近的比赛中打得这么少? -我一直信任Victor Kovalenko。他上赛季打了很多球。他是一位非常有价值的球员,他可以确保中场球员具有良好的活力。我们刚刚经历了从上个季节到本季节的过渡期。我们没有假期或训练营。我们一周有几场比赛。我们部署了其他球员作为进攻型中场。泰森排名第10,今天我们把他拉到了一边。科瓦连科出现在他的位置。我们知道这位球员可以让我们在中场获得更多的平衡。他可能没有像泰森那样在区域最后三分之一中获胜的能力,但是这些球员具有完全不同的属性和能力,彼此互补。我对他在比赛和训练中的表现感到非常满意。科瓦连科上赛季打了很多次球,我认为他可以继续保持同样的状态。当球员得分并表现出色时,人们便开始重视他。我也感谢他今天的表现。 至 -看来泰森显然缺乏继续参加乌兹别克超级联赛的动力。您将如何解决这个问题? -这不是问题。泰森是一个纪律严明,积极进取的球员。他在训练和比赛上非常专注和严格。他一直努力为矿工取得良好的成绩。从他对待工作和与队友互动的态度中,我可以感受到所有这些。就像我们团队中的每个球员一样,我对泰森充满信心。 至 -欧洲冠军联赛小组赛即将开始。有哪些方面需要不断改进? -实际上,每个方面都需要改进。实际上,从来没有一个完美的团队。每个人都在努力朝着理想迈进。这是我们的职业。对于团队来说,保持专注的防守和足够的进攻创造力是我们的标志。我们的教练和球员与上赛季几乎相同,没有重大变化。上个赛季,我们获得了有史以来最好的UEFA俱乐部排名(第12名),进入了欧罗巴联赛的半决赛,并且创下了与乌克兰联赛第二名相差23点的纪录。这显示了我们所有玩家的水平和能力。至少我们希望保持与上赛季相同的亚博网站网址链接水平,甚至比上赛季做得更好。 至 -您在第76分钟2:0之后变成了第一位替补球员。您不想在中场休息期间进行调整吗?上半年之后,您对此阵容有任何批评吗? -我真的相信我们的团队以及我们尝试做的所有事情。竞争从来都不是一件小事。我们一直非常致力于比赛。没有人有资格阻碍我们的日常工作。我了解到,记者和教练很难在不了解培训过程的情况下分析比赛。但是那些遵循我们日常工作的人知道我们在做什么以及团队在准备本周比赛中表现出的一致性。无论如何,我们的教练都不应抱怨我们未能赢得前两场比赛。今天的比赛表明,您需要信任团队亚博网站网址链接并保持一致性。尽早换人意味着对团队缺乏信心,并带来一些不稳定因素。上半年我们做得很好。不幸的是,我们没有成功地转化一些机会。下半年我们也做得很好。我们知道迟早会有一个目标。我知道足球有一些特定的模式:如果您要求一个更好的防守者,如果您要求一个更好的前锋,如果您输了,或者没有理想的结果,那么替代者希望得到更好的利用。但是,在游戏中,一切并不总是那么明显。我们需要做更深入的分析。我们和每天为足球运动员工作的人必须了解需要做什么。我知道在两次平局之后,这将是一场非常精致的比赛,我需要非常仔细地调整阵容。我知道我可以通过放置替补球员让球队更有信心,但这也会使他们失去信心。这是我在游戏中一直关心的一个问题。我想给他们尽可能的一致性。我在场上有一支很棒的球队。除了两名球员外,这支球队也是许多冠军联赛比赛的骨干。我知道在比赛过程中我们会找到进球方法,这就是事实。我真的非常相信我的球员。我已经说过,没有哪个联盟像某些人认为的那样在第一轮决定冠军,我们还有很长的路要走。我敢肯定,您可以指望矿工:我们将战斗到最后一秒,我们将非常努力。 -您对Moras和Fernando之间的伙伴关系感到满意吗?您认为前锋需要加强吗? -与俱乐部管理层一道,我决定继续使用我们现有的球员。目亚博网站网址链接前,我们有3名排名前十的玩家-费尔南多(Fernando),莫拉斯(Moras)和登蒂尼奥(Dentinho)。这些玩家努力工作,我们相信他们。 至 -所罗门和斯蒂芬年科在哪里? -Stepanenko受伤。所罗门今天无法在宗教假期玩乐。

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